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HighMagnification Scopes/No-magnification Scopes, Single-fire Mode and Recoil.

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Long ago I've created a theme about no-magnification scopes "not giving" no-recoil to weapons. Now I think I was wrong. Partially.


I don't know which scopes recoil is "right" and which is "wrong". Too high or too low, but basically there are few cases with how high/low magnification scopes are working.

First. IF u have High(5+) magnification scopes as primary and no magnification as secondary and start shooting with single-fire - u will see identical high recoil uprising bullet traces. But if u will do the same with the identical weapon's loadout with that exception that this time we will use no-magnification scopes u will see that ur crosshair is returning to initial aiming point that fast that u can hit almost the same spot on ¬100m distance(affected by sway, ofc). And it will look like it's on pic below. And we will see that weapon behavior is based on what scope is used as a Primary. And Secondary sight suffers the most. I'll repeat: FOR SINGLE FIRE.



And then appears 2nd "problem". In WW3 gun's behavior is often transferred to ur next weapon in use. If u were using weapon with high-magnification scope and then switch to weapon with no-magnification scope there is a high chance that the latter will have high recoil that belongs to the first weapon. And vice versa. And then u can have weapon with high-magnification that literally has no recoil. Luckily reloading usually fixes this problem, but if it was 60 rounds drum? Or M417 sometimes can do it for 3 magazines in a row.

It works even for MG5 as it has single-fire mode ATM.



All u need is to have any weapon with no-magnification scope/sight as secondary(even a pistol), switch to it, make few shots(better when ADS), switch back to ur primary weapon and voila! - u have ur no-recoil weapon.  

For MG5, for example it works for both ADS and hip-firing. And even reloading/switching to alternate ammo is not interrupting it.

Don't remember it being reported.

Below is the video. First part about difference in recoils. Second how we create "no-recoil" rifle. 


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15 минут назад, HeiligeRobbe сказал:

Dude, mad respect for putting so much effort into figuring out this behavior!

Not rly much. It's just I picked up some guy's HK416 with x8 scope and iron sights on TDM and tried to run a little with it. And something felt off. So I decided to re-check that bug with no vertical recoil for SCAR-H I mentioned on Discord, is it only for SCAR or not, and it was kinda easy to spot this difference in behavior. It's just I'm bad with sniper rifles and rarely use high-magnification scopes. Otherwise I could have spotted this "bug" much earlier.

BTW, when exploiting this feature MG5 is decent mid to long ranges BR.😁

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