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Grass's lighting on Berlin TDM Day map.

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Dunno, was it noticed/fixed already. Didn't find with search. With servers restarted and me overcoming my laziness I've made few screenshots to show them here.

Minor bug that still forces me to open Video Settings every time I enter the server with Berlin TDM map to "fix" it.

Long ago Berlin TDM map had the naked ground. Now it has grass here and there. And it seems that when adding grass accountable person screwed up a little. Rly a little, but now on Berlin TDM map day version there is a problem with grass lighting/shadows. Actual for all "instances" of gras on the map.

Bug is NOT affected by any settings except the Effects and somewhat Shadows.

When Shadows are OFF - whole grass in ur FOV is well lit and is almost glowing. For both all-Ultra and all-Low. Screenshots under the spoiler.

Скрытый текст


When Shadows are On, then Close to u and up to 10-15 meters away  grass has "somewhat appropriate" lighting and only far from u starts "glowing". Shadows Settings only affects how sharp is the gradient. And when u move - this gradient is moving with u.

Screenshots under the spoiler.

Скрытый текст


And finally - Effects. The moment u change the Effects, doesn't matter what actual value is, game realizes "oh, there is grass in here!" and even if Shadows are Off grass starts having "appropriate" lighting. Screenshot under the spoiler.


Скрытый текст


And finally, some footage from the game. Was too lazy to upload my recording so here is almost the first recording from Youtube search.  Video is tamp stamped.

Oh yeah, Steps to Reproduce: Enter Berlin map and wait for a Day. Leaving the server and re-entering "recharges" it from my experience.

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