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Absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug №8.

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Impact grenade has one absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug in its score list. This one.


And it has one feature that is on par with absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bugs. This one.


This piece of something explodes on impact after flying 0.5ms! DEVS!!! I DEMAND IMPACT GRENADE HAVING 1 SEC COCKING TIME DELAY!!!

And the bug itself I want to talk about. Grenade icon on the bottom of the gif. On the contrast with how grenade acts when u toss it, if u drop it when being killed - it will act as the normal grenade and will lie on the ground ALL the fuse burning time duration!  Can I have a MORE predictable grenade that will for example ALWAYS explode when hitting the ground? Or will explode on impact only if more than 1 sec has passed?


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