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[Feature][Strike] Artillery strike's adjustable AOE shape/geometry.


First a little geometry lesson. Look at gif.



Even though these 4 ellipses (yes, orange circle is ellipse too) have different sizes there is one measurement that is equal for all of them: area.

Circle area can be found with this formula S = π*R^2 = π*R*R.

Ellipse area is S = π*R1*R2, where R1 is long radius and R2 is short radius.

So, if R1*R2 = const, it means that no matter how we will change the shape of the ellipse it's area will be the same. Green ellipse on gif, for example, has long radius = 2R and short = R/2 accordingly. S = π*2R*R/2 = π*R*R = π*R^2 and it's area is equal to that of a circle.


And here comes the suggestion: I know it's rly unlikely to be implemented because with that it's "intruding" into Bomb Strike's "authority zone" but I would like to see adjustable AOE for Artillery Strikes. For example current Warsaw WZ map. And if for C2 circle shaped AOE is decent, if we will try to place it on C1 or A2 CPs, we will see that half of a strike is wasted. For an average Joe it's often worth 5 mins of his efforts. And if we will be able to adjust the shape of Artillery Strike with that restriction that S staying intact we will be able to place much more efficient strikes without wasting shells only to shake the ground. 

The suggestion itself: when placing mouse cursor and pressing LMB we will choose Artillery Strike's center. Initial form is circle. Holding LMB and dragging the cursor we can adjust the shape of the strike's ellipse with max radius being 2R. Rotating the cursor around the center of the strike we can choose it's orientation. Releasing the LMB we give it a start.



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