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[Feature] Removing CP icons from HUD.


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The only use the CP icons have for them: asking SL to give u order. IF the latter is good enough, he knows that himself, that he must give orders. If SL is bad - okay, 1 min later he will be that particular squadmember that has absolutely no need in CP icons on his screen, because, u know, he isn't using them.

So, suggestion is: full course menu of CP icons is only on SL's HUD. He is the leader, he needs info, he has to react, so having CP icons on the screen is mandatory.

While his squadmembers need to know only 2 things: what order to perform and where is CP they need to go to perform orders. And nothing else. All other CP icons are visual garbage that blocks the view, ESPECIALLY, if we will remember that average player doesn't even know he can adjust HUD elements size.

So, this is how will look screen when squadmember is staying in the base. 

Скрытый текст



This is how it will look like when he'll receive order. There will appear ordered CP icon and arrow on the compass, that will show him where to turn if he is looking away.

Скрытый текст



When entering CP zone, there will be only one icon in the upper middle part of the screen where he'll be able to see capturing progress.

Скрытый текст



And the current screen that will be SL's only. And if player will apply for SL position, the moment he'll become one he will not miss it as the on-screen info will change drastically.

Скрытый текст



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