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EU servers disconnecting issue

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Unfortunately the issue is known, and it seems the servers are coming to a rather terrible state.

Fortunately, we are much closer than further now and our reliance on these Zeuz servers will stop in the future, but the unfortunate part is that any efforts that worked before no longer work on these servers. It would require an update to something we essentially do not have anymore, and if there is any other workaround, our programmers are loaded with work for days straight as we pull through to finish the remaining steps of closed development. We will offer a restart periodically just in case it at least refreshes them for a few days, but any programmer efforts now are best used in the new version. However, as soon as a more public build is to hit the game (CBT, OBT, 1.0) we will not be using these servers anymore and they can finally be forgotten about. 

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