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[Warzone] spawn zones/beacons


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This idea fixes a problem I've encountered in some games, but the problem could also be considered a gameplay feature depending on what the intention is with game design.


The problem is having spawn blocked when a point is under attack. While I think it's certainly bad to allow players to spawn an unlimited amount of times to defend a point, the current system means that the better strategy in Warzone at the moment is to individually jump on to as many enemy CPs as you can to block spawns. This can be fun but very irritating when it's working against you as you are sometimes forced to spawn far away from where you want to be. If this is an intended feature and I haven't quite figured out the meta that's ok, this is just my suggestion for changing that.

The idea is that in each capture point, there's a certain thing you have to do on top of standing on it to block spawns. One idea is to have a smaller capture blocking zone: if you stand on this small area towards the centre of the control point, it stops the defending team from spawning. The second idea would be to have a spawn beacon of sorts (aside from what I say here spawns would work as they normally do with random locations about the point): attacking players have to deactivate it to block spawns for the defending team. It would work kind of like a breakthrough device where you have a timer to deactivate it, and the defending team would have to reactivate it to spawn more players back on that point. If the attacking team captures the point, it is automatically reactivated.

The main gameplay benefit I see here is that capturing a control point would require control of a central location that could be decided by the developers - standing in the back corner and working your way in to a CP would still be a viable strategy when attacking, it just means you'd more likely need a squad working together to disable the beacon rather than having one man block the enemy team from spawning



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