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Uniforms & Customization spotlight video - Even more of the good stuff!

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Enjoy the video!

--Things of Interest in the Video--

  • Face options
    • New Face options
      • image.png.c11043ffda84a617523b8181f7f93374.png
      • With our old Soldier friend making their appearance with our new Soldier John being seen again, we also have two new faces joining the party in the form of Xin & Rafal it seems.
  • Uniform options
    • New Country Identification Tags on Uniform options
      • 1094157239_IDUniforms.png.692e497853043fd8f8a3e12d477b2bdf.png
      • While this is a very small addition to the game admittedly, this is a very welcome one to someone like me who attempts to (9 times out of 10) keep their Soldier as visually accurate to their real life counterparts as much as possible. Sure some were very obvious like the Bundswehr, Spartan Vest, Polish Combat Pants, and etc etc...It's still nice to have that extra layer of confirmation.
    • New Uniform Descriptions
      • 1101345253_Uniformdescription.png.6de79208ceb945750aa0d559a241acdb.png
      • Seems the different uniform parts will also be getting some deeper descriptions as well, that way you could really take some things into consideration when making your Soldier. Want your Soldier to look like they've been in a Mountain patrol unit? OLV might be your ideal pick.
    • New Uniform parts with Jackets, Pants, & Gloves from Korea, Japan, & Poland.
      • 365684096_KoreaChest.thumb.png.b60efea048d30a9452b2915bfef4a2ce.png
      • 1387529763_JapanPants.thumb.png.7a27fd812def075631206c1c3c4b075d.png
      • 1161906427_Helikon-texgloves.thumb.png.d42a895d3483ab2989d8b06c590bc379.png
    • (Possible) New Camo Patterns
      • 1387529763_JapanPants.thumb.png.7a27fd812def075631206c1c3c4b075d.png
      • 353777683_NewCamo.png.edf0555213f1a37d005223a1539b736f.png
      • 1567739418_Newcamo2.thumb.png.13f034633284acf3a0411607cb581a82.png
      • 1380155562_Newcamo3.png.1cb25e7688cb112464db1778b22b344f.png
      • 700948994_Newcamo4.png.6c79c26838377b62828f3ac6f2f02320.png
    • New Veteran Beret(?)
      • 1296887226_WW3Beret.png.1343e7f2c7258ec37cd43250bb9f9d61.png
  • Map Stuff
    • Brief glimpse of the DMZ Map?
      • 529603006_newmap.thumb.png.0c07f5b461a3a506f672031f445d7d3e.png
      • A small glimpse of what looks like a new map coming to the game, possibly the DMZ map based in Korea seen long, long, looong ago.
  • Weapon Stuff
    • K2C1
      • K2C1.thumb.png.9446c55c32ed9ef9a6330285aa8988f9.png
      • A possible glimpse of the South Korean K2C1 with a 20 round Magazine
    • PBS-4 Suppressor in Development(?)
      • 1707813358_NewSuppressor.png.4c350fa3f894a6de471f39eaf71f1d8a.png
      • A glimpse of a possible new Russian Suppressor in the works.
    • New AK Alpha Magazine
      • 321735781_AlphaAKMag.png.4ceda173ae505b414bde30d473e4a524.png
      • It seems the Alpha has gotten a new Magazine and it seems like it's the same one as the VEPR-18. The only thing really strange though is that the Alpha shoots a 7.62x39 round and the VEPR-18 shoots the 5.45x39 round of ammunition. It might just be a new magazine for the Alpha, but it might be a sign of possible Caliber Conversion coming to WW3. Only time can tell ultimately.
  • UI Stuff
    • Shop & Battle Pass
      • 1911997223_SomethingforPeopletoenjoy.png.02ccb9208d452b0f3fee82907b89ae44.png


Think I found everything of major note. The video was kind of short, but lots of neat little things to be found in it.

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