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[VAT] Key bindings

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I have no idea if bug reporting for the Veteran Alpha Test is encouraged, but here goes nothing.

Certain keys cannot be bound, particularly:


  ß ´
  ü +
ö ä #


' #

Polish (214):

  + '
  ż ś
ö ä #

(Almost) universal (not as important, except the menu key):

< ^ [menu key] [all numpad numbers]

Now, why would do something as silly as moving all key bindings from the left to the right? I personally do it because I am left-handed. For any game I play regularly over a longer period over time, particularly FPS, I do mirror the key bindings, because playing longer on the default WASD layout will cramp my hand after a bit.

I don't assume that this bug report or request is going to find its way into this test weekend, but it would be great if it would be fixed in the future.


Oh, yeah, the my.games launcher? Not a big fan.


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