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Most favorite gun in the world?

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I want to know what your favorite guns are.  Or if you have a few guns that you like.  Maybe we could see them later in updates..  ; )
My favorites are the:

Mk14 EBR
Saiga S-12
VSS Vintorez
CZ-75 Automatic

(I know a lot of these are from CS:GO, but that's not the only reason I like a lot of these.)

So what about you guys?
What are your favorite guns?

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Though my tastes change often, I'm currently quite enamored with the SIG MPX. I don't know what it is about that weapon, but it just... Speaks to me.


Also a fan of the canceled FN HAMR LMG (Also seen in CoD BO2) and the MP7, especially those variants that have the integrated grip instead of a rail.


Glocks are nice, I like a 1911, but my favorite pistol ever just has to be the FN FiveseveN.

Sorry about the rhyme.


I also tend to like lever-action rifles. Especially the classic sawed-off setups.


EDIT: I also rather fancy the CZ-75, if anyone cares.


Gonna stop rambling now.



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Added another suggestion.

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The AK family and hence, the Stg-44 as well.

Everything about this gun family is good - from its legacy of worldwide warfare across every climate ever to the ease of operation and maintenance.

The gun that could, OICW (now XM8)


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I collect a lot of WW2 stuff, so my list would have to start off with the MG-42, followed by the first variants of the FG-42 with the metal stocks. My next favorite would be the FN FNX-45 pistol, followed by a classic M14. A honorable mention goes out to the Kar98k, I've got an 80-year-old one and the action is as smooth as the day it was made and is one of the most enjoyable weapons to shoot that I've ever fired.

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M14 EBR (and simillar modernizations), STG44, FN Fal, HK416 :)

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