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Most favorite gun in the world?

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1. Thompson submachine gun

2. A snub-nosed revolver of any kind

oh and of course a lever action rifle more specifically the Winchester 94 is cool or a martini Henry I think is another one?

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Handgun : FN Five-Seven and Walther P99

PDW: FN P90 and Kriss Vector

Assalt Rifle: FN Scar H, HK417 and CZ BREN (7.51)

Carabine: CZ 805 BREN A1, Famas, HK 416, G36, Tavor and L85A3

BoltAction : L115A3 and DSR-50

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Korobov's TKB-022P(with magazine working as grip) and TKB-022PM with magazine at the base of the stock.

My dream is to combine this rifle i?id=ccd399954eee4d88c7497883f20444c9-sr

with stock from this video

and try out the result.

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