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**Free look While Aiming: Right now we only use it while walking-running, but no while you re aiming, and i think is a disadvantage in combat.

**Vault, and jump over obstacles, sometimes doesnt allow you to get "on top" of certain surfaces.

**It would be cool if you can see your character in 3rd person view while you're doing animations (insulting, dancing...etc)

**If you are using a drone, quadropter, etc... why not add a mini cam of your character in a corner of the screen? Just to watch your surroundings.

**Add the customization menu (in-game)

**Better icons and map alerts, while you're in-game. Easier to analyze where and when, to hold or capture objectives.

**Right now i can only hear voiceovers in English. is there a possibility to hear in native languages? depending on your faction? Russian, Polish. etc?

**I think this is a bug; if i want to drive a vehicle, i press my Mouse 4th button (binding opt), but i cannot get down of the vehicle with the same button, the game wont recognize de 4th button, i need to go back to F key.


I think this is for now, sorry if some or all of the points in this post have been discussed.

..and THE GAME IS "/(%//!"/%$$/" GREAAT!!! congratz Devs!! Im so excited for this game to be on of the very best wargames in modern history...keep it up.


PS. sorry bad English!


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