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[BR] Annoying things which need fixing

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? Apart from the obvious issues which the current state of the game has like weapon balancing, audio needing an overhaul, animations etc. I noticed some simple but very annoying things which can be fixed fairly easily:

- On the Moscow map when you spawn on the hill overlooking the buildings you get stuck underneath the ground and the crate at the same time.

- On the Warsaw map when you are in one of the hotel lobbies and go prone by the lobby desk you fall under the floor and get stuck permanently. 

- When you shoot down a drone in the air it remains in the air burning instead of falling to the ground.

- At the end of the round when you are shown the you win/lose screen it does not use English properly. It should be in the past tense YOU WON/LOST and not YOU WIN/LOST. Both events should be in the past tense and not a mixture of present tense and past tense. Small details like this can take away from a game.   

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