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Rework for the team-killing punishment feature.

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So. after a week playing the game Their is one thing that has been a thorn in my ass and I'm willing to guess allot of people are behind me on this.

Lets put this into context first.

So. you accidentally team kill a guy (This will happen if your a tank operator, RPG user in particular) Examples being: Some idiot runs in-front of you while your tank is advancing (Seriously.. some mothers really need to teach their young how to look both ways before crossing a road) You RPG a hallway or throw a frag into a enemy position (Because Rambo's Will Be Rambos). Or some dunce crosses your line a fire while your suppressing a corridor rather than walking behind you (Yes.. people lack basic combat awareness). Instead of waiting for that sorry over chat they hammer the "Punish" button and you die. If your in a tank by yourself and the enemy is closing in you suddenly hand a piece of valuable hardware to the enemy and completely change the tide of battle over it. And they proceed to use that tank to eviscerate you. your team and your precious objectives and they win the game as a result.

I am sure that sounds eerily familiar to allot of you....

SO! i propose we change the punish feature with a few option so that way this system can't be abused by the punish happy people ever again.

Option 1: Make the punish feature count down from 10-15 seconds and have it nullify the punishment if the system detects the offending player said sorry in chat. (as someone who is genuinely sorry about a tk will frequently take the time to apologize) 

Option 1.5  A spin-off to the above feature is instead of nullifying the punishment it lets the tked player know that the person apologizes and they have to strike the button again if they so choose to continue to punish them So If we still feel they are just saying that to avoid the punishment and are not genuine, (If if we the tked still feel like being an asshole about it. you know :p)

Option 2: Instead of slaying the offending player the punish button applies a 2-5 minute penalty to them on their next death, forcing them out of the fight by making them unable to re-spawn so they can reflect on their poor transgressions. (This idea again could be nullified if the game detects a sorry in chat from the offender)

Option 3: (Planetside option) The game weapon/grenade locks you if you TK twice (Two punish buttons pressed against you) Forcing you to a non combat role for a period of time (So you can still be an asset to the team but still think about how you fucked up and how to improve yourself.

A hybrid of one or all three of these will definitely suit better than what we got now as sadly i do think the current system could be abused and or, in the fit of rage from the teamkill the person who was team killed inadvertently throws the game by giving the enemy the tactical advantage they need (such as getting a free tank because the operator accidentally killed the idiot who ran into the building with the horde of enemies)

Lets hear your thoughts folks!

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