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Animal Mother

AI Commander for assginments (bounty hunt players)

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An interessting feature for WW3 would be a AI controlled Commander. Like the "Battlecommander" in the game „Homefront“ (20011) by Kaos Studios.

This AI commander marks players (e.g. snipers with a certain killcount) as value target and give 1 or 2 Squads the sidemission to take him out. The value of a target depends on killcount/ battlepoints (just earned), movement (camper) and/ or used weapon. Possible targets a single player, a full squad or vehicles.

The reward increases with the value. And the value increases with the time of survival after the target got marked and/or used weapon/vehicle. The Target can be a Squad, single Player or a vehicle. Marked should be rough position oft he target and getting more precise the more the threat level increase.

I liked this system in Homefront and believe it would be a good addition to WW3. It would bring more variety in the matches and annoying camper, lying around on the edge of the map, would be hunted. Also would be the interest of players/ squads would be directed to players/ threats outside the regulary battlefield.

So, what do you think about it?

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