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I've been playing WW3 Early Access and I'm having a blast. 
Despite the clunky performance I can see great potential.

I'm writing this email regarding some suggestions to in-game compass.

I've attached 3 images I made to help illustrate my points

Image - Horizontal Compass Example.jpg: (I didn't add the degree numbers since due to time constraints)


The game already has a compass at the very top, but it's limited in my view. First of I think
it would be ideal there was a bar underneath the horizontal compass that you can change the opacity and color for the sake of accessibility.

Reason? When the compass is on white / bright (clouds for example) ingame elements it's very tough to tell the degree numbers.

Battlefield 4 - Compass In Minimap, 1 & Battlefield 4 - Compass In Minimap, 2:



In Battlefield 4 there's a compass in the minimap. Unlike Battlefield 3 this compass is showing the North, South, West and East all the time.

This was SO useful in game and really adds tactical game play. If I can see an enemy spotted on the minimap I can glance at the compass and tell my teammates
that the enemy is "north east" from their pov. Instead of me trying to work out the orientation in my head.

see ya

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