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Kill feed

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Just wanting to ask how accurate the kill feed currently is information wise?
I sometimes get killed and you see the spread of bullets and the log of each shots.
Other times you see the log say i was hit say 4 times but the picture had one hit at 100 dead centre under the armour.

I doubt most people are getting 4 shots at exactly the same shot.

Just wanting to know if thats a bug/issue or is that how you can tell the player is cheating etc?

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1 hour ago, Stundorn said:

I also need some Info about this.

What are the colors for?

Some hits are grey, one is red?!?

You guys really need to start looking into the option menus, those are there for a reason...

I apologise for derailing this thread even further.

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I understood what the hit markers ment.
My question was more along the lines of what seemed to be missing information or possible cheating.

Example 1
I spawn in.
One player infront of me shoots me.
My kill feed log saying 4 hits and i have 4 hits show visually.
I understand i have been shot 4 times and died

Example 2
Say next time i spawn in, I turn a corner and a player is in front of me opens up on me.
My kill feed log says i was was hit 3 times.
But the visual hit markers say i was hit dead centre, under the plate, once for 100.
Thats what confusing me.
Seems to imply that player hit me 3 times in the exact same location.

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im pretty sure its a generalized hit location like if you hit me in the abdomen it will only show the 100 that you are seeing but in reality he shot all over that general area of the body same for all areas they just have a general i guess you could call it a hit zone indicator but it wont show specifically where in the abdomen arm torso ect you really got shot just a general location

EDIT: the times hit on the side are the actual per bullet damage sorry forgot to mention that lol my bad


i MIGHT BE WRONG this is just my understanding from about 45 hours of actual gameplay

hope this helps my guy have a great day/night

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