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More of a Suggestion

One thing I'd really like to see is matches staying the way they currently are without adding a casual or ranked. That would instantly add a divide in ways people play I believe if you keep it constantly recording your stats people are less likely to TK over and over and play to throw. "Everyone wants to look good" ;D 

Keep it cut throat if you're good it will show if you throw everyone will know.

That also brings up I'd personally like to see a system where only the top 2% have something great to show a visible tittle or maybe even name color change depending on your rank? 

Battlefield, Cod, Rainbow have visible lobby badges.  How ever this game has the opportunity to one up them and display on character!~ 

Over all thought" Keep everything Ranked, Within the games add a system that rewards the top mvps to reach almost impossible noticeable rank in the community .


What do you think, Anything to add?,

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