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Blue Helemts - Voluntary Server Admins

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So i had an idea - how to counter upcoming cheaters/glitchers while the Anti-Cheat-System is learning :)

My solution is voluntary server admins, not real admins, just trustworthy guys with kick rights.
I was in a community in Battlefield 3 before, where you could enter as voluntary "admin" to keep someone on the server around the clock to take a look -was a nice time, then there where my exams... :D

So because this happened to me already twice in WW3, i thought some additional lets call em "referees" would help the community to stay healthy in the meantime.

My idea is to give some trustworthy people kick rights on the server to only interfere if the game is abused. Nothing more. (I hate the toxic chat but well it´s Early Access and they leave anyway^^)
Also one condition would be to make a thread for every kicked player / action taken in the forum so that the victim can respond or the cheat can be better identified.
The referee decisions should be transparent all the time for every player to keep acceptance high.

Funny thing would be if you could add blue helmets for this type of players - would kinda fit the setting (also makes them really good targets)^^

Open for discussion :)

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