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Easy Anti-Cheat |Compatible third-party software

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Allowed and safe to use third-party software supported by Easy Anti-Cheat.

Any other third-party software affecting on the game which is not listed could be detected as a cheat or exploit, which may be in result popping up an error message or even getting you banned.


>Actual list supported programs and versions <


gvr.jpg AMD GVR / Raptr                             All versions
bandicam.jpg Bandicam                     
curse.jpg Curse Voice                             All versions
d3doverrider.jpg D3D Overrider                            
d3dgear.jpg D3DGear                                        4.50+
dxtory.jpg Dxtory                                  2.0.126+
fraps.jpg Fraps                                    3.5.99+
gpp.jpg Game Plus Plus                             All versions
wirecast.jpg Gameshow / Wirecast                             All versions
shadowplay.jpg GeForce ShadowPlay                                          1.0+
hialgo.jpg HiAlgo Boost                             All versions
mirillis.jpg Mirillis Action!                                    1.24.2+
msi.jpg MSI Afterburner                                       4.5.0+
obs.jpg Open Broadcaster Software                                        0.62+
overwolf.jpg Overwolf                                          1.0+
playclaw.jpg Playclaw                                5.0 3082+
razer.jpg Razer Cortex                             All versions
reshade.jpg ReShade / SweetFX                  Selected versions
rivatuner.jpg RivaTuner Statistics Server                                       7.1.0+
xsplit.jpg XSplit Broadcaster                                          1.2+


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