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Warsaw Glitch videos

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I'm not the owner of video.


In Moscow, I also tried backprone against wall on A1 facing A2. I can see through wall.


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Thank you for the report.

I will forward the problem to the Dev-Team.

Please, for further reports follow our template, you can find it on here: Bug Report Template, it will help us to solve bugs faster.


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DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video):

The 3 windows from A2 to A1. Jump and move model to the window.



From side of A1. Backprone on second line of wall, then turn.



From A2 corner of flowerpot and a grave. Backprone and will give visual to pathway.


From B1 pathway to A2. Stick to left wall, and backprone.


GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3271209

STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): ''

More report to come on Warsaw, Moscow, and Berlin. Need more testing with backprone. No people have been harmed or marked in testing. 


WW3   2018-11-03 오전 3_23_21.png

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