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New Game Mode Type

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I would like to see a new game mode type, this is one that I think would be pretty cool!

Name: "Front Line"

Mission Type: Control

Objective: Control territories to start their timer. When a team reaches territory control of 90 minutes (or more) of victory, that team is the victor.

Additional Details:

  • The map is contrived of 9 territories that have seams dividing them
    • No dead space between the territories, only spawn zones have no territory reaction
  • Every territory controlled for 60 consecutive seconds will add 1 minute of victory to the respective teams total score. each territory holds their own control timers
    • Example: 3 territories controlled for 60 consecutive seconds will add 3 minutes of victory
    • Example: All 9 territories controlled for 60 consecutive seconds will add 9 minutes of victory per minute (minimum time-till-victory would be 10 minutes which will help aleviate the spawn r**e of the loosing team)
  • A territory is controlled and lost instantly when there is an overwhelming amount of Combat Influence in the area.
    • Everytime a territory changes hands, the timer is reset to 0 seconds
    • Example: Blue team has 4 players in the area, then Red team rolls in with 5 players. The territory then becomes controlled by Red team. If Blue team kills 2 of Red then the territory is Blue due to superior Combat Influence
    • Example: Red team has 2 players in a territory, Blue team assaults with 2 players, since the sides have equal Combat Influence, the territory remains Red until Blue can overwhealm them with Combat Influence to gain control of the territory
    • An airstrike strike or mortor strike is worth 3 Combat Influence for 30 seconds (starting when the strike is first launched)
      • If a strike/player enters a territory that is not adjacent to the "Front Line" and has overwhealming Combat Influence in that territory, that territory simply gets the timer reset to 0 seconds but remains in control of the enemy team
    • A player is worth 1 Combat Influence
    • Unmanned vehicle Strikes are worth 2 Combat Influence
    • A manned Strike is worth 3 Combat Influence (plus 1 for additional crew that is NOT the driver)
  • Each territory acts as a spawn zone for the team who controls the area
  • Only adjacent territories to the ones already owned can be controlled next. This forms a thick colored line that acts as the battlefront and adds focus to the push
    • Since the 3 closest territories to the spawn zone are adjacent to the spawn zone, they can be controlled at any point during the game

I am working on a proof of concept sketch that will illistrate a match and what it could look like from a maps perspective (and here is the very rough outline)



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