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Finally got some time!!!

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Yesterday was the first time in three weeks I finally got some time to sit down and play for a few hours and I was impressed!  It has changed for the better in leaps and bounds since launch day.  There are still some issues with patches and flags not staying on your uniform which is annoying, but gameplay and connection has improved.  I had so much fun but I did walk away with a couple of gripes/suggestions.

1) It is really frustrating to be put into a game that is about to finish and then, instead of being moved into a new server/match automatically, you are kicked out to the main screen and have to look for another game...which may or may not be half-way done already.  I played for three hours but was only able to play one or two matches from start to finish.  I'm sure I am not alone in wanting this to be fixed.

2) I will admit I was being a TOR whore in one of my matches, but it gave me some fresh perspective.  I love that it is realistic in that it is a .50 Cal and can 1-shot kill, that it what happens in real life.  But it still takes skill to use.  You still need to lead your target if he is running, you still need to compensate for drop at distance...if you are one of the people screaming for a TOR nerf maybe you should move around more.  It doesn't need to be nerfed, but I think it needs a few changes.  Make the Tor bipod mandatory for the rifle.  If you are crouched next to a ledge or prone you can use the Tor effectively.  If you try to use it any other way there is a significant penalty to accuracy, maybe implement substantial scope sway when not using the bipod.  Make the bipod the only underbarrel attachment...I have NEVER seen a .50, or any anti-matieral rifle, have any form of grip.  Maybe have ADS movement decreased to compensate for the weight of the rifle, which will also discourage the quick scope or run-n-gun issues.  My last suggestion for it is to make it the most expensive weapon to unlock, and/or put it behind a high level unlock to reward dedicated players rather than give scrubs like me a God-gun.  It is a specialists rifle, so I think if you've slugged your way through the ranks you deserve a powerful gun to play with eventually.

3) I've seen a lot of crying about the Vepr as well, which makes me laugh.  Yeah, it's powerful, and I do believe it's range should be nerfed a bit, but if your unlucky, or dumb enough, to get hit at close range with a full blast of 12ga magnum buckshot, you can be damn sure it'll put you down.  Even if it hits that lvl4 steel it'll knock you on your butt and you would be sucking in air, leaving you vulnerable for the second blast.  Shotguns are also specialist weapons and need to be treated as such.  They are meant to be brutal and punishing in cqc, so I think just a range nerf and definitely a ROF nerf are probably all that are needed.  And before the comments start, no, I don't use the Vepr very much, I run the AK and Beryl 99% of the time...which brings us to...

4) does anyone else feel the AK-15 and Beryl are really good? Like maybe the better ARs in the game?  I have no luck with the Alpha, G38, G36, etc., but I do work with those two.  Just wondering on this one or if it's just a personal thing.

Thanks for the great game guys!

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