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[INSTRUCTIONS] How to get to PTE

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Important notice! Test servers are based in EU region, so have that in mind when switching - you might have high latency!

Number of slots open on test servers is limited, so expect connection problems during peak hours!

To take part in Public Tests, all you have to do is switch your beta branch on Steam to the proper one. You can do this by simply pasting the branch code into Betas tab on game properties:



  1. Exit World War 3,
  2. Click RMB on World War 3, select Properties,
  3. Select Betas tab in the properties window,
  4. Paste the code: VUM27KStMgAPCNKK into the window (make sure there are no spaces) and click "Check Code",
  5. Select open_tests from the dropdown menu,
  6. Download the update,
  7. Verify integrity of the game files (see below how to do this),
  8. Use the default Play World War 3 option:


How to verify game files


  1. Click RMB on World War 3 and select properties,
  2. Choose Local Files,
  3. Click "Verify Integrity of Game Files".
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