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Grey Wolf Jack

Create Private Match?

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I believe it would be very useful to a lot of people to be able to create a private match in order to experiment with weapons, tweak settings, and train with friends.  Lately I've been joining games just to spend the first 10 minutes standing around tweaking and testing out different settings for performance sake and being completely useless to my team!  I also wanted to configure WW3 to the Xbox controller I recently bought, and that certainly cost me and my team heavily.I spent the entire match just tweaking the controller input and adjusting sensitivity time and at again, and at the end of the match I had to come to the conclusion that this game is definitely not controller friendly!  I went 3-15 because the sensitivity was either too fast or too slow, there is no sweet spot for controller users and that may be due to a lack of aim assist (which is good), but it still cost me and others heavily just for me to experiment and learn that. 

So before I put this in suggestions, my question is: Does The Farm 51 plan on adding the ability to create private matches or some sort of training grounds eventually? If not, what might be the reason?  

I don't mean like going whole hog and paying money to host an entire private server either (as some are requesting, which is cool too as long as admin abuse against randoms is impossible), but just empty offline maps to explore and experiment on, or maybe even invite friends to join you and have 1v1s.

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1 hour ago, kinkysumo said:

Devs are planning to implement a test range though, would that be enough?

Absolutely.  It was just I usually did all of my tests in private servers in Call of Duty to protect my K/D back in the day, but any sort of safe, offline testing grounds would easily suffice.

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