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Hello, Do we see the patch intended for last week and pushed to this week, this week :D ?

To be honest im out of game since 1 week (waiting for patch), i would like to play this weekend like a MADNESS.

I think you are doing a professional job but you could improve your relationship with community by posting Patch release date, so people now exactly and a clear Roadmap

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Hey hope this clear any  doubt question you can have at respect patches etc.?

OK , .... give it a read bro :)  hope it helps a bit to understand were FARM 51 "they"  stand now .


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14 hours ago, Qoopa said:

I have a feeling "next week" in WW3 is always "another next week". So next week we will have next week and next week after next week we will have another next week... I'm really confused right now. 

So this week we will have this big patch with patch notes you wrote on forum which was supposed to be realeased last week and which you are testing right now right?

And next week we will have another big patch with TDM and small Warsaw map and all this stuff which was suppose to be realeased mid Nov right?

Ok so where is Recon? It was supposed to be realeased on 19th Oct. Then you delayed it for about 1 month. So 1 month is passing by and you said it will be delivered about 20th Nov and then you delayed it to end of Nov. And now you even dont mention Recon at all.

Come on, what is going on? People are confused and not only they are telling different dates but it's also you, other CMs, devs and CEO as a whole F51 company :P

I dont mean to be offensive here. You are doing good job but I just want to know what and when to expect. And from my perspective it looks like you have a big mess in your plans and communication with players.

Okay so to clear things up a bit:

This week you will get the patch that is currently on the PTE. We wanted to get it out earlier but found a number of issues that needed to be adressed before pushing it out.

Next week is planned for the November Update, which will bring the new content and which was meant to be the "big" patch of this month, including TDM, the small Warsaw map and other stuff.


Recon was planned for release but we found that there was such a need for polishing of what we had in the pre-release test builds that it was put off until we can properly test out and finish that game mode. After that the launch happened and we were busy putting out the fires 24/7, so that did cause slips in our timetable. In the time that was planned to be spent on polishing Recon and new content our coders had to re-do half of the game's networking infrastructure on a 24h work basis. This also caused the issues in communication as we literaly had no time to properly communicate what we were doing (which was another issue we currently want to adress, as we, to quote a higher up, "work our asses off to fix everything and no one knows jack sh*t about that").

So, as you can see, the release issues caused a ton of chaos and it's obvious we had to reorganize our time table. Because of that the patch notes went public before we were able to finalize them (and the patch) and that caused some commotion. We know this became a problem and we have already implemented internal workflow changes to make sure this won't happen again.

The Roadmap will be released very soon (should be within a week) and you will see a timetable for planned releases and updates. I can already tell you that there will be monthly major content updates starting with the November Update. We are aware we ran into issues with player communication and we're working on improving that. Of course, things get better as the workflow normalizes, we're almost done with the test build of the November Update that brings major server/connectivity fixes and should help a lot to stabilize the situation.

As per Recon - It's coming, you'll see everything on the Roadmap.

Sorry for all of the confusion, we were barely able to keep up with what was happening ourselves. As per differences - We're not PR people but real developers of the game and when we post things it's to our current knowledge of the things we do daily and not according to a predefined PR scenario. We answer to the best of our current knowledge but when shake ups happen things can slip in the timetable. At the same time, we know you guys are growing impatient and want to give you some conrete information instead of PR promises. This did backfire when timetables slipped (as they always do in gamedev) and we (and I) are growing more wary of giving precise dates. Still, I don't want to feed you guys with "Soon" stuff because that's not what you want, need or deserve to hear right now.

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patch is this week. they arnt doing dates since their past dates given have all unforeseenly gotten pushed back because they had to rework schedules from issues they had to fix.

Laying out a time table takes lots of time for the producer to make. It usually takes several weeks as they have to evaluate each teams capabilities and how it would affect what they have ready for other teams to then take and work on. It should be soon

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