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Bugs i encountered after patch 0.1.1

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Hi everyone,

So yesterday after the patch i played for around 3 hours and this is a list of the bugs i have experienced:

1) On Berlin map you can spawn your tank only in the enemy base/protected spawn area.The issue i know is been reported by other player as well. 

2)On Berlin map,at the B1 flag i fell under the map while driving my tank,this happened twice on 2 different match 

3)Berlin and Warsaw map,at the beginning of the match i spawn in my base and i got "killed in action" and back to the deploy screen.Happened 3 times in different match 

4)Berlin map,after joining a match,i spawn at controlled point B2 but the map is empty despite the lobby being almost full,the ticket  and clock are stuck.


That's all for now

Anyone got the same bug as me?

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