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Sugoi Dekai

[not bug] help to punishToxic teammate[As serv]

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GAME BUILD ID: 3313103

STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required):  Toxic teammate [Marida08]

this asshole are troll many game today !!

stand im font of tank for kill itself / then punish(Friendly fire) to Steal tank

if we don't  / it will to shoot camara to we abort tank and steal tank if we dont then shoot rpg to destory our tank

many our tank are destory by this shit (score this player are around -2500)

we cant  use tank to push cap objective

in chat box it write many toxic to troll other player 


this are hurt my good feeling for this game when we play with Toxic  player and cant do nothing.

more than game crash or for long connect.

Help us to solved this problem !!

SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues):




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