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Game Ending "Tactical Nuke"

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It seems to me WW3 has always been about incorporating the best parts of shooters and rolling them into one experience. 

You guys remember how much fun it was to finally get 25 kills in a row in MW2 and get that game ending nuke? The timer would count down and your name would be displayed when you finally achieved that nuke? Lets have something similar for WW3.

Now before we all freak out and say that its too "arcade shooter", lets talk about how this might be implemented with a WW3 twist.

Now a 25 Kill streak works very well for Call of Duty where everyone is a lone wolf, however we should have this implemented through squad play. If an entire squad earns enough BP throughout a match through teamplay, they would be able to trigger the nuke.  Keep in mind that a certain number of BP throughout the squad would be need to be saved. 

At the end of the game it would show the squad that earned the nuke and you could flex on everyone in the lobby. 


To be fair, i'm not entirely sure the numbers in terms of balancing as I'll leave that up to the developers. 

Just an Idea I had. 

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