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Hey there. Towards the end of 2017, I started developing Honor Gaming Community --- a multi-gaming community --- which stemmed from a completely different sort of game. Eventually, I decided to try and branch us out into other online games and World War 3 is one of the handful of online shooters that I would like us to get into. While some of our community members play many other games, I would like to encourage those that pass by on this thread to jump into our Public Discord and consider joining up with myself/any others in forming a World War 3 group. There aren't many restrictive requirements, although our language of choice will be English (so having a fair understanding of English is necessary) but if others share a common language then there is no problem with that either.
Having a headset with microphone is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

Otherwise, our World War 3 group is still forming but if you would like to be part of the process, again, simply jump into our Public Discord and tag or message me (Ravose#9915) and let's get others involved in the idea as well!  While some multi-gaming communities are timezone-restricted, our community itself plans on being international/global. Though online games will have region-based servers, we will try to pick an initial server most appropriate for our community and if enough people are involved, we will try to branch onto the servers our community requests.

Honor Gaming Community's Public Discord:


Honor Gaming Community on Guilded:


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Updated original post and just bumping this thread if that is allowed. Looking for some interested individuals interested in forming a WW3 group for a small multi-gaming community. We are currently involved in one MMORPG in particular (unrelated to original post) but some of our community members do play a handful of other online shooters as well as other PC titles too. Basic understanding/speaking abilities in English is recommended when playing most of our games together, but if others share a common language then there's no issue with that either. Simply jump into our Public Discord, tag or msg me, and let's try to get a WW3 group up and running! ?


(If 'bumps' and the such aren't allowed, my apologies!)

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