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Need some help? Read me before you post.

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Hey, in this section you can get help from other players and discuss with them regarding:

  • Game issues (Errors, Performance, Weapons, Settings, Gameplay, Patches, etc. whatever you want to ask about)
  • Windows issues (Have a problem with windows, don't know what to do and how to do it? ask others, maybe someone will be able to help you)
  • Software problems (Playing around with Adobe, maybe you trying to make frag-movie and don't know where to start or which program will be the best for you to record gameplay? Might get some advice here)
  • Hardware problems (Something seems not right? Maybe you want to get a new graphics card, hard drive, mouse or new monitor? Ask others for help)
  • And many others...

Here you can ask for help about everything regarding PC's and WW3, definitely, you will find something you would like to talk to others about.

Try to name the topics correctly:

"I have a problem with Graphics card"
"Something not right with my FPS"
"Which weapon should I buy"
"I'm getting an error while installing..."
"Hey, I need new monitor"
"Sound issues"

Try to avoid:

"Need help"
"My game is broken"
"Omg, what the hell"
"Which one?"


You can use this simple template, instead write everything in the same text line, it cannot be used with every problem, but definitely will be useful for some of them :)

System Specifications
Operating System:
Graphics Card (include the amount of VRAM):
CPU (Full name, not just i5, i7):
PSU (Model and manufacturer):
Full explanation of the issue (Be as specific with this information as you can. Not being specific or exact with your information can prolong the troubleshooting):
Error message details (if you receive an error message please let us know what it says):
Troubleshooting attempted (What have you done so far):
Other Informations (Any relevant information that you think would be helpful):




Forum rules apply.

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