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Reporting Cheaters - Guidelines

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Many of you are reporting cheaters / hackers to the hacks@worldwar3.com and we are reading them, however many of the reports come with missing information or without evidence. This post is meant to make it clearer on what to send in order to help us determine if the player was cheating or not.

TL;DR what to not do:

    Send only nickname of the player or similar.

    Send the scoreboard as evidence, expecting it to guarantee a ban.


TL;DR what to do:

    Provide evidence, scoreboard alone does not count.

    Get the player's steam profile immediately (see below how to), legitimate hackers tend to change their nick names very often, tracking that is a pain. We also had a case where a hacker was posing as someone else.

    Attach steam profile link to make it easier for us to confirm (We had multiple instances where 5k people had the same nickname, no way we can guess which one is correct).

    Try not to attach large files to the report (use video / image sharing website instead, make it unlisted / link only).



Q: Does it need to be in english?

A: Not necessarily, as long as the video and steam profile is in the mail.

Q: I only have a scoreboard screenshot, can I send it anyway?

A: Do not expect the player to be banned based on it, there are plenty of players who are capable of getting high K/D regularly.

Q: Someone was underneath a map / shooting through walls, killing a lot of people, will you ban him?

A: Most likely, no. Abuse of bugs / exploits is not bannable by itself. If you got screenshots or video where glitched occured you can send it, it will passed to level design team. In the future we should have tools to deal with those players in a cleaner way. If a certain player is repeatedly doing it then we can issue temp bans at best.

Q: There is an invisible person running around is that a hack?

A: No, it’s a bug. If you encounter it, you can send it, make sure to include as much details about the equipment they were using. If you find their body stationary somewhere then please take a screenshot. This will help us determine if the bug is caused by certain equipment combinations. When it comes to punishment, see answer above.

Q: Someone was being toxic / harrasing players, can I report him?

A: Yes, send it with chat as proof, we are working on a better way of dealing with it, but we can issue temp bans with EAC if it's pushing for it.

Q: I found a cheat site online, what do I do?

A: Feel free to send the link, we will investigate it.

Q: The URL on the profile looks different / the profile is private, should I send it anyway?

A: Yes, we can still get to the profile this way.


I have a video:

That's great! Now attach the steam profile (see below) and send the report. Please try not to attach the video to the mail, instead put it on youtube or similar site and link it (preferably put it on unlisted / link only). The mailbox does not have infinite space and some people have previously sent very large files before which we were forced to delete in order to allow more mails to come in.


How to get steam profile:

    While having the game open go to the Steam overlay (shift + tab default)

    Click "View players"

    If you and the offender are both on the server then you should find him / her in the "Current Game" tab

    If you or the offender has already left the server, then you should find him / her in the "Recent Games" tab

    Click on their "Profile"

    Then add the URL to the report.




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