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[WW3 FORUMS] Problem with the inbox...

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I didn't know where to post it since it's an issue I have with the forum itself and not the game.

Obviously I cannot have 2 private conversations at the same time because each time I want to write a private message to someone, I first need to empty my inbox (there is a message popping telling me to do that if I want to write a message with another conversation inbox). So I have to make a choice if I need to write to more than one person.

Could you please investigate and tell me if I'm doing something wrong ? Or is there a bug ?

Thanks !

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34 minutes ago, weedtime said:

We investigated, everything should be fine as far I know.


Maybe moderators have different limits? We can answer multiple messages, but if we got more then 1 in our mailbox we can`t compose a new one. 

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