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PTE December Update 0.3 Patch Notes

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This update is for PTE only, once we add missing features and make sure it works well, we'll push it to live servers!

Hello there! Kept you waiting, huh? It's been a bit over two weeks since our last update and there's a good reason for it: we've been working hard on 0.3, which includes a lot of improvements, one of which is a big decrease in load times and RAM usage. During our testing we've seen RAM usage in the whereabouts of 3-6GB, which means the game should work fine on 6 and 8 GB systems now, and load a lot faster.

This improvement required us to change how we load assets in all of the engine and that meant a lot of new bugs and crashes. This is what consumed our time in the last few weeks - fixing the game so you can play it in its new, better form.

Of course, that's not the only thing that's changed. We've added new tank and a battle rifle, new uniform, a new map (which is in a prototype state, so we can all change how the gameplay flows on in!). Personally I think it's a lot of fun to play and I hope you'll like it too.

There's a few things that are missing here, we'll be adding them this week and at the beginning of next week as well.

There's also a lot of new features and improvements, so time to dig into those patch notes!

0.3 PTE Patch Notes


  • New prototype map: Smoleńsk (still WIP),
  • New main battle tank: Abrams,
  • New battle rifle: Scar H,
  • New uniform: USMC,
  • 5 new USMC Camouflages,
  • 5 new weapon skins,
  • 6 new vehicle skins,


  • New respawn system on Warzone,
  • Quick radio chat [default: Y],
  • Weight limit for loadouts (no more OP builds),
  • Map autorotation (you can stay on the server and keep playing),
  • Warmup / Waiting for minimal and expected players amount in Warzone same as in TDM,
  • Added gamemode explanation to loading screens,
  • TDM - after winning/losing final round summary screen of round appears, then YOU WIN / YOU LOSE, then summary screen,
  • Sharpen video setting added to game (30 percent is now default value),
  • Added subtitle in to on-screen messages,
  • Implemented buying multiple items for cart mode in menu,


  • Added a number of match progression messages that should help with player awareness and overall flow,
  • Friendly fire is now disabled on vehicle optics, so bad players can no longer steal vehicles this way,
  • Warsaw TDM map sneaky part is fixed,
  • Tweaked the existing low magnification scopes and red dots; More outlandish crosshairs replaced with realistic ones, tweaked for better visibility,
  • Scope performance and bugfix pass,
  • Additional weapon and attachment statistics added to the menu,
  • Attachment balance pass,
  • Weapon screen positions slightly tweaked for better laser sight utility and overall usability,
  • Laser sights fixed, they should no longer obscure player view,
  • Artillery: Increased effective range of shells; improved the splash damage falloff for shrapnel rounds,
  • Increased MBT, IFV and AFV armor durability,
  • Increased all turrets' durability against projectiles, turrets are significantly thicker than body armor,
  • Increased UGV and Quad durability against bullets,
  • Improved UGV movement,
  • Improved turning for MBT and AFV,
  • Improved particle effects for wheels and tracks,
  • Adjusted MBTs engines' force while climbing,
  • Shorter times for returning to Battle Zone for vehicles - 2 seconds for air vehicles and 5 for land,
  • Better visual of on-screen messages - new font and shadow added for better visibility,
  • A lot of other improvements,
  • Switching weapon fix,
  • Fixed impact particle spawn direction,


  • Footsteps and gunshot positioning tweaks,
  • Occlusion tweaks,
  • Reload animation timing,
  • New reverbs,


  • Added reload animations to leaning,
  • Reload animations improvements,
  • New system for offsetting weapons on the screen - we can change stuff faster,


  • Spawning on leader fixed (again),
  • Fixed audio RTCP caching,
  • Users now send minidump files to our internal server instead of analyzing it on their computer,
  • Game revision sending to crash reporter server,
  • We can now create multiple map textures on the same map for different gamemodes (internal tool),
  • Crash reporter refactor,
  • Fixed crashes with vehicle postprocesses,
  • Command menu,
  • Fixed setting of audio parameters,
  • Changed UAV and Jammer map representation,
  • Fixed out of sync squad leader icon,
  • Matchmaking fixes,
  • Steam profile icons are no longer mirrored,
  • Fixed the "Distance to operator" text which obscured Battlepoints,
  • Destroyed vehicle is no longer seen for Repair Kit as repairable,
  • Fixed hack with exiting drones before end of return to battle zone and possessing again, resetting time before destruction,
  • Fixed camera block on Quad in TPP,
  • Fixed Progress element on progressable world-space markers - color was not updated after change in settings,
  • Enemies and world-space markers can be marked while seating in hatch and as passenger in vehicles,
  • Fixed med/ammo/equipment pack textures on low settings,
  • Many, many more.
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