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Bug with reloading weapons

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I faced a very uncomfortable problem.
I bought an AK-15, put in a 60-round magazine.
When changing types of cartridges - I get not 60 charged cartridges in the store , and 30 ( problem in the actual number and not the displayed number ). When replenishing another type of ammo from ammo on the ground - I get a refill of 3 ammo , and using 100% ammo on the ground-I get only 30 ammo. The situation with the stock ammo type - normal, where I get 60 full ammo replenishment.
Please fix this problem, it significantly spoils the fun of the game, because every respawn I have to spend a lot of time to replenish , and I get only 1 store of ammunition of the type that I need after that! ?

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