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The current state of armored vehicles

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The current problem with fully upgraded Armored Vehicles is that its performance in the game is too “binary”. Most matches ended up with either of the following situations:

Multiple tanks being airdropped into a match but dying within minutes


A dominating tank on a 30+ killing spree


Having played with vehicles in semi-realistic FPS like “Squad”, “Red Orchestra 2” and “Rising Storm 2”, I believe the reason for such a large deviation is due to player’s playstyle.


Players who do well with vehicles generally tend to play more conservatively, picking targets from a distance and denying opponents from taking shortcuts to the objectives.

On the other hand, you have overly-aggressive players who dive and attempt to capture the objectives blind, thinking they are invincible before dying. I observed the same thing happening in “WW3” and I believe it is the reason why the forums often get feedback about vehicles being overpowered or underpowered.

I would like to suggest how to make vehicles less underpowered for most players and less overpowered for the better players.

PROBLEM: Vehicle repair downtime ( make it less overpowered )

Vehicle Performance at close range

Even with the nerf to HE shells, it is still very easy to get kills at close range by shooting the ground within the instant-kill AOE. However this has been balanced out because it is at close range, RPG projectile drop is not an issue and tunnel vision allows easy one-shot tandem RPGs to the back.

However, since the developers wanted to stop players from equipping overpowered “multi-purpose” loadouts by changing the weight system in patch 0.3, I believe it might have an unintended side-effect of making fewer players equip RPGs and allowing vehicle users to drive closer with less risk. Because it is easy for vehicles to get kills at short range, It is important to have some form of deterrent to stop players from driving up close.

Vehicle Performance at a distant range

The better players like myself like to “park” the tank away from objectives and block shortcuts. It may not feel overpowered to us because even if we went 30+ kills 1 death, we miss a majority of our shots and the amount of kills per minute appears balanced.

However, it is actually overpowered gameplay-wise because such players just don’t die throughout the match and it takes an un-proportional amount of teamwork to counter a relatively simple playstyle.

It is difficult to land a shot on a distant vehicle,but what makes this incredibly demoralizing and frustrating is knowing that a suicidal attack to destroy the optic or APS gets you 30 seconds of respawning and walking back to the action, while the tank user only needs 4 seconds to undo everything you just did from a safe distance. This frustration is further exacerbated by the failure to land the killing RPG shot on a tank which means the team only gets 1-2 minutes of breathing room before the tank returns back in full health.


Instead of repairing continuously, making module repair work similar to how players uses a health restore pack. Players hold down the repair kit for a few seconds to “charge”, finishing a “charge” restores a percentage of module health instantly

Being suppressed disables module repair

Massively decrease the rate at which the repair pad restores hull integrity.

Slightly Increase the vehicle module’s damage resistance to firearms of smaller calibers as a counter-buff


longer repair times dissuade players from driving up close even when there are not many RPG users around

Damaging a distant vehicle to retreat rewards the team with a longer “vehicle-free” downtime to advance.

Make follow-up attacks from teammates more rewarding at interrupting tank module repairs

PROBLEM: Cannon’s non-lethal AoE and lack of suppression ( make it less underpowered )

Because the non-lethal AoE was too insignificant and the instant-kill AoE has been nerfed, most players try to compensate this by going up close like 10 meters, shoot the ground and hurt/kill players with the explosion. As close range and tunnel-vision makes the tank a lot more vulnerable to RPG-7, it gives players the impression that tanks are underpowered due to RPG-7s


Majority of cannon shots either instant kills or misses completely, This makes it feel frustratingly "buggy" on near-misses.


For players used to semi-realistic FPS, Vehicles are not very viable in a support role because it is difficult to get assist or suppression regardless of range


Cannons should deal Light splash damage in a much larger AoE. The instant kill AoE remains the same but the cannon shell has double the AoE with a very heavy damage dropoff.


Apply Suppression, deafness and Screenshake in an even larger AoE, ignoring cover. Intensity and duration of effect is based on caliber size,


The changes result in cannon shots feeling more “consistent” at damaging opponents


Getting instant kills with vehicles still requires the same accuracy as instant killing with the nerfed HE shells, it takes an unviable amount of shots to kill using splash damage alone. The main purpose is to make it easier for players to get assists and suppression without increasing the lethality such that it is even more overpowered in the right hands


Encourage tank users to keep their distance,thus extending their survivability and making tanks feel less underpowered to RPGs. It is much more difficult to land an instant-kill shot from a distance, but the above changes makes it more viable for players to use vehicles to support their team rather than getting cheap kills.


Because the old meta is all about getting kills, the 57mm and 90mm cannons might be statistically balanced, but it feels “psychologically" underpowered. Despite a slightly faster fire rate, failure to kill on the first shot means I cannot fire a second 90mm shot on time before the target gets to cover, just like the 120mm. In this case, I should have used the 120mm in the first place because of the larger AoE and higher probability to get a lethal first shot. Slower fire rate meant that the TTK ( Time To Kill ) for 57mm non-lethal shots is much higher than the 30mm because both the 30mm and 57mm need 2 non-lethal shots to kill. In this case, I should have used the rapid firing 30mm instead for a shorter, near-instantaneous TTK. By changing the meta from "kills" to "assist and suppression", adjusting it using caliber size makes the 57mm and the 90mm cannons worth using without actually changing the stats


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