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PTE December Update 0.3.2 Patch Notes

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This time on the PTE we've got a new TDM map of Berlin. While some clever people already guessed it's coming sooner, this is now official!This is coming earlier than promised, but we decided that one TDM map is not enough and we can make it happen before the holidays. Check out the creepy and tight alleys of Berlin and prepare to be flanked when you least expect it.

This is the first PTE build that is a separate download in your library, rejoice!

We've also fixed a but that resulted in configs not saving properly. This created another problem, which is outlined in the Known Issues section, but since it doesn't affect gameplay we didn't want to wait another day for the fix.

There's also now a way of switching teams. If there's an imbalance of more than 1 player, players from the team that has more people in it have a chance to switch teams from the deploy screen. Doing this grants you a 2000 score in TDM (this counts towards your earnings after a match) or 4000 score in Warzone (this is converted into Battlepoints).


  • Attachments from previous weapon are displayed after changing it in menu - this is only a visual bug, doesn't affect gameplay!


  • New map: Berlin TDM,
  • Ability to switch team if there's an imbalance of more than 1 player between teams,


  • Enemy footsteps softer,
  • Moscow ambient softer,
  • Fixed soldier barking multiple times,
  • Fixed dead bodies barking,


  • Fixed configs not saving,
  • Fixed side attachments not working on SCAR H,
  • Fixed visual bug with resetting money to 0 when purchase failed,
  • Abrams TUSK1 body armor setup fixes,
  • Abrams TUSK I body armor weight and cost setup,
  • Adding proper destroyed optics and turret meshes for Abrams,
  • Changed Abrams track rotation speed,
  • Boxer- wheel texture fix,
  • Vehicle front collision mesh improvement,
  • Vehicle mass and speed 2nd pass,
  • Added autowin to Warzone (if there's nobody in one of the teams, the filled team wins the match),
  • Menu armor type name fixes,
  • Changed default Abrams config,
  • Changed the power of christmas lights in menu,
  • Fixes to map rotation,
  • Fixes in Barrels names SCAR H,
  • Added Nanoceramic armor texture,
  • Alphabetic order of flags,
  • Summary screen is no longer covered by Quick Join,
  • Many collision and mesh fixes on various maps,


  • Temporarily disabled locking matches that are 75% complete from new players (this might stay like this due to map rotation now being active),
  • Quad's climbing,
  • RegenPlatform on Warsaw position tweaks,
  • New christmas tree position in menu,
  • Tweaks in locations of sockets in some magazines,
  • Limitation of player throwed gadgets on level (6 for mines and 10 for packs),
  • Throwable gadgets now dissapear when player logs out or switches team.


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