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PTE December Update 0.3.4 Patch Notes

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And another one. This one has a few minor bugs that we know of, but those are being fixed as we speak. If all goes well this version with small patches will get pushed to Live. Thank you to everyone who participated in tests and reported bugs to the forums. We were a bit less communicative this week, but that's because we've focused on the PTE patching, back to normally scheduled posting after this one!


  • Berlin TDM sometimes crashes on load, this will be fixed in tomorrow's update,
  • Changing language works only for customization,


  • Help section added to main menu,
  • Translations update (DE, PL, RU),
  • Marking fixed (please let us know if it's better now),
  • Added weight breakdown by item (weapons, armor),
  • Add a frame limiter to menu only - now you can tell your GPU to stop working 100% while in the menu,


  • Proper map setup for Smolensk,
  • Fixed server crash on summary screen,
  • Fixed soldier barks not ending,
  • Fixed minimap is not disappearing after using UAV,
  • Fixed UGV shooting,
  • Fixed weight bar not appearing,
  • Next metagame fixes and improvements.
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