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AMMO - please sent full ammo filled soldiers into world war 3

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Client Version 51771


Hi Team!

I start with not fully loaded magazin and with no full ammo pack to reload my magazin.

After every respawn I throwing ammo - pick up RPG for 2nd tandem rpg - switch weapon - pick up for vityaz all the rest of throwed ammo - reload vityaz for fight with a full magazin - run towards my aim - throw second time ammo - pick up 2nd time ammo vityaz - and now I'm finally ready to fight with a full magazin and full ammo for reload.

I guess you do this to prevent the strong players to kill the weak players to fast after respawn. But it sucks and it's not the way in these days soldiers go into battle (with a half loaded weapon and with a few bullets to reload) and I guess it's not the way they would act in world war 3. So please change it as fast as possible. I often die because I don't respawn at the battle field like a soldier but like somebody who don't know how to handle a weapon and remember when he want to shoot that he have to load his weapon. Thank you very much!

And last, but not least, thank you for update 0.3 - great work again!

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