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Armor Drop "Strikes"

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Hello all!

I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the way that the Armor "Strikes" are delivered to the battlefield.

To me, the airdrop via tablet function has its merits, however I tend to encounter more problems when I am alive on the battlefield when enough BP is earned to afford the tank. Usually this means I need to abandon my team and the objectives and run back to our spawn zone to call it in safely. This often results in objectives being uncapped by the enemy which obviously doesn't help the team. I understand that it could become a problem if you could call a tank into the middle of a cap zone where you could just hop in during a firefight and blow the enemy defenders to pieces, however I feel like there could be another way to balance that.

My suggestions (which are up for debate and discussion obviously :)) are as follows:

My first suggestion:  Instead of being able to call the streak in on your tablet... why not have a radio and a special colored smoke grenade, where you call for the tank on the radio and mark the drop with the smoke rather than have the smoke appear after you select the location on your tablet. If there is not enough room or the smoke is thrown on a contested or enemy objective, the response for the drop will be a negative. If the drop zone is clear, open, or friendly controlled, the result will be an affirmative and the plane will fly as normal.

My second suggestion (Which could be combined with my above suggestion or as a separate one): The piece of armor can be spawned in via the deploy screen. Instead of having to spawn into the back spawn and wait for the plane to drop your armor via crate, you could spawn in the back cap inside the armor. This could be beneficial for the team as it does not waste the time needed to just call in the armor, it would stop people from stealing your stuff via TK, and you could even pick up teammates on the way from the back and drop them off at the front!  To balance out the safety of not having to run up to the tank exposed, you would have to drive for a longer period of time away from the action and not be able to instantly rain shells on your enemies.


I LOVE the way strikes work in the game, they reward team-play and PTO as opposed to just being a Rambo lone gunman. The UAV, Jammers, Indirect fire, and Airstrikes all make sense on the tablet and do not really strike me (hehehe pun intended) as a problem. I just found that the act of earning the MBT or IFV was less tedious than calling them in with the BP and I wanted to try and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

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