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Better TK punishment

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As of 0.3.1, the current TK punishment ( instant kills as retaliation ) is flawed:

  1. Does not stop serial TKers from ruining matches.
  2. gives unreasonable teammates the ability to punish unintentional TKs.
  3. as what player @VoodooGaming has mentioned, trolls exploit this by running into vehicles and using the TK punish to give the opponents a free vehicle
  4. some players can avoid TK punishment by hurting players without killing them

I would like to suggest a different punishment system:

  1. When players hurts or TKs, they do not instantly receive a BP loss or penalty when a "punish" options is selected
  2. Scoreboard displays a separate table of negative points
  3. When the players gets a number of "punish" options ( maybe 3 ) OR have a certain level of negative points (maybe -300?) , their name, KDA, score and negative points are displayed for the team and the team is given the option to "keep" or "kick" the player
  4. players who get kicked are banned for a certain duration


  • TKing on purpose will result in a meaningful punishment
  • single unintentional TKs on trolls or unreasonable players less punishing
  • multiple unintentional TK with scoresteaks less likely to result in kick if the player's ( good ) score is displayed first
  • hurting players without TK will still get punished

The attached picture below shows a player called "andytung1019" who was TKing with RPG-7s and vehicles as of patch 0.3.1, destroying 2 friendly vehicles and singlehandly causing a winning team to lose.

This is a serious issue for the game.


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Prove that they intentionally TKd or got TKd to greif then report to

TK is part of the game but greifing isnt.

You can chalk it up to getting tried for war crimes.

hacks@worldwar3.com is the email the devs said to report to.



Better procedures and mechanisms can be implemented and thought up but greifing will never be a thing in all games.

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@ethynylradical I pretty much agree with everything you say. The current system is far to easily abused for those with that kind of mentality and ruins the game for those who are trying to play it as it's intended to be played. Good post, hopefully between your and my thread

  the devs will have a look at changing things.

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