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New Player Guide Dec 2018

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Getting into a game-


When you start up the game you will come to the WarMap with a prominent quick play button

Below it are two buttons to click to deselect the game mode you don't want in the quick play selection.



Ingame Deployment Screen-


When you are in game you will see your loadouts on the left. You can't change any during the match except for the equipment's and grenades.


The equipment's you can choose to use in game are:


Health pack - will drop a pack that can heal 2 people up to full by interacting with it

First aid kit - will heal around 33 health per use and is ready to use more often then the pack, press LMB to use on yourself or pres RMB to use on others

Ammo pack - how you refill ammo on the battlefield

Equipment pack is used to repair armor plates and replenish on grenades

The mini UAG - is a RC car  that can be detonated with LMB or marked by spotting

The mini UAV - is a RC flying drone used for scouting and spotting

The Semtex C4 - you get 3 bricks of these that are thrown/placed with LMB and they can be remote detonated with RMB. Works on tanks.


For grenades you can get two lethals or 3 non lethals. Grenades are cookable and can go off in your hand.


In Game Controls-


Q and E are for lean.

To interact hold F.

To use your equipment press 3.

To slide run forwards till you get the momentum then crouch.

To Lay on your back prone during a slide or hold S then prone.

Double tap A or D to switch between stomach prone and back prone which will also face you 180 degrees.

Hold R to switch to alternative ammo if you have any on that loadout.

X is to spot.

V is to change between fire modes

Streaks are 6,7,8,and 9 to use.

There is no deploy bipod feature in game it is just a modifier while prone for now.

Alt is free look.

To use a repair tool on a vehicle go up to it press 5 then LMB to use is RMB to switch between the components. You can’t heal the tank with the tool.

To self destruct a vehicle hold H, it will start a countdown.

In a Armored Vehicle use 1 and 2 to switch between the main guns  two ammo types and 3 for the coaxial machine gun.

Press C to change between camera views in a Armored Vehicle.



Infantry -


In the bottom left corner is the health bar and armor indicator.


The health bar is broken up into thirds and will regenerate slowly to the end of the bar it is in. To heal past that bar you have to use medical equipment.

The armor indicator lets you know if your armor is still functioning. To repair it use a equipment pack.



The armor system in this game works by having a plate on the front chest and a optional helmet on the player model that will reduce damage on that hit box.

There are 3 weight brackets to fall into for WW3 loadouts. Light which makes you run really fast and move in all directions really fast, Medium which is a third slower then light, and heavy is a third slower then medium.



The mini map will show up in the top left when a ally UAV is active, it is not visible by default.





The face can be shot to get around the hitting the helmet hitbox.



Battle streaks are obtained in Warzone by earning Battle Points though score earned more by squad objective play.




Team work-


There is friendly fire so be sure to not shoot though and to where you throw grenades and place airstrikes

Make sure if you have ammo to place it down for friendly's to use same for health and equipment packs

To ask for a team mate to use their equipment spot them with X

To ask squad lead for a objective to be marked or to take over squad lead if they aren't marking objectives spot them with X

Being near a marked objective increases score and battle points a lot and if you are a squad leader having your squad do things on a objective give you lots of points.

Spot armored vehicles and call them out in chat based on what objective they are near if you have the chance to

You can disarm mines by interacting with them or shooting them.

The more allies on a objective point the faster the cap, the game game is modeled around having a team on a objective.



Infantry vs Vehicles -


Against vehicles without a RPG you want to destroy the the optics with gun fire. Armored vehicles have two, a main sight that is first person usuallynext to the main gun, used to aim and a third person sight that is usually on top of the vehicle and they emit a white glint. (marked in the picture below)


This will blind the vehicle. To fix the components a player would have to be out of the tank. For a vehicle to heal it self it will have to use a vehicle repair station.


You can tell that it's already destroyed if there are no hitmarkers or it looked brownish gray without any lens glint.


With a RPG you would want to use a tandem if your load out has tandem rounds for the RPG and aim for the very back on the sides of the chassis or the rear end. Tanks have protective measures like APS that within certain conditions could destroy one RPG


While fighting armored vehicle be sure to spot them and keep them spotted as situational and location awareness really help in taking them out with RPG, other vehicles or strikes.


Make sure to self destruct unused vehicles to deny them to the enemy, unless it is safe from their use.


Customization and load outs:


Outside of a match on the WarMap you can go to the customization tab. You buy customization with ingame currency earned by getting a high score in game and ranking up. Score is how you get Exp in order to rank up.


Gun customization-



First slot is for the main sight

Second is for the secondary sight that you will use by pressing [x]

Third slot is for the barrel length



-mid barrels are the default ones and affects weapons effective range (maximum DMG output on certain distance)

-short barrels move the effective range of a weapon closer to you

-long barrels move the effective range away from you

Will affect recoil as well with long barrels having lower recoil in some cases.


The fourth slot is muzzles, made up of suppressors, flash hiders (they work), and, compensator's.

The fifth slot is The lower the value the lower the cosponsoring effect you will get you will get. the lower attachments such as bipods and fore grips



Lower attachments affect the spread, recoil, ads, and switching in between weapons.


The values are multiplied into the weapons based stat to make it lower.


Bipods do not currently function and instead provide a recoil modifier in the prone to make recoil almost non existent.


The sixth slot is for side attachments such as flashlights and lasers. Press T to use them.

The seventh slot is for a extra magazine of ammo such as Armor piercing that increases penetration, FMJ which is default, and HP which does more damage to flesh at lower penetration. Hold down R to switch between ammo types



Under the body parts tab you are able to adjust some aesthetics of the gun, some of which can and can’t be used with some attachments.


You are able to carry any two weapons on the list in the gun slots. After that you have your helmet and armor plate slot. Then you have your gadgets.


Armor customization.-


You can choose to wear a helmet to have head protection ranging from light to heavy or no head protection like a hat instead. For the chest you wear a armor plate ranging from light to heavy.


The armor will increase in damage reduction the heavier it gets which in turn makes it more durable as well.






If you have any request please post below and I might change the doc. I am trying to keep this trimmed down for a very new player to read fast with the more important for jumping into a game parts up at the top.


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