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>>> Looking for Clan|Team|Squad-Up <<<

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If you are looking for a team, clan or maybe you feel bored and want to find some friends to play together, feel free to introduce yourself in this topic instead of creating new ones which will be buried over the time, in this way clan leaders can keep an eye on the discussion when looking for new people to join their army.
Also, check threads in this forum 
section where players represent their clans/teams and looking for new players, there definitely will be someone who can offer you some fun.

For Squad-Up only we suggest using our WW3 Discord channel as it will be the fastest way to find people for quick play.

Please use this template to introduce yourself and what do you expect from others:

Where are you from:
What you expect from a team/clan:
How often do you play:
Favorite game mode:
Favorite map:
Steam profile link:

A few words about yourself:

Screenshot_2019-01-11 Say Hello (1).png


For advertise your clan or team, please create a separate thread in this forum section.

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Server: Asia
Age: 25
Gender: M
Language: English
Where are you from: Singapore
Playstyle: Rifle/Shotgun + Sniper Rifle with Light Armor
Microphone: Yes
What you expect from a team/clan: Occasional Games
How often do you play: Sporadically (Solo) 2-3 times a week (Clan)
Favorite game mode: Any
Favorite map: Any
Steam profile linkhttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005479532/
Contact: Reply here or DM

A few words about yourself: Plays FPS to indie to RTS, used to play in EU servers Oct - Nov 2018... now I'm back in Asia so looking for people to play with. Loves to ping optics on armored vehicles with his Tochnost.

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