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PTE December Update 0.3.5 Patch Notes

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Hi there! It's been a while, but we can finally start testing 0.3 fixes. This is still an early version of the patch, but some major issues were resolved and now we need more testing and crash reports to make sure this update is solid once it hits Live servers.

The log is not that long, but that's because we focused our time and efforts on fixing crashing and other main issues introduced by 0.3 patch.

Please report any bugs you find to the PTE subforum: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/forum/55-public-test-environment-forum/


  • Some players sometimes invisible on Warzone (we know why this happens, we don't want people to abuse it too much, it'll get fixed soon),
  • Some customization issues (locked/unlocked everything),
  • Vehicles are still flying away (this is next on the list),
  • Some players can't be driven over,
  • We're still narrowing down the infinite loading bug, workaround for this can be found on the forums here [EN] and here [PL],


  • Added a server browser,


  • Berlin optimization pass 2.0,
  • Continued work on other maps,
  • Further loading optimizations,


  • Multitude of crashes are now fixed,
  • Fixed weapons spawning with wrong amount of ammo,
  • Fixed shoot direction desync (resulted in bad hitreg),
  • Hitscan projectiles rework (affects shotguns and distances closer than ~7m),
  • Huge amount of collision fixes, levitating meshes, trampoline bug spot, added vaults, etc.,
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to see quad leader icon on the map while they're in a remote controlled vehicle,
  • Fixed an issue with quad leader icon changing to vehicle while piloting remote controlled vehicle,


  • Character sounds are now attached to head, not feet,
  • New gameplay area on Warsaw TDM map (pharmacy shop with back entrance),
  • Added stage attachment toggle back: all off, only laser, only flashlight, both,
  • Restored player profiles downloaded by dedicated server from MS (this was switched to clienside to lower MS load, not necessary now),
  • Matches will now end when everybody leaves, so people don't get connected to half-done matches,
  • Added profile validation before saving profiles,


  • Removed holiday flair from main menu,
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