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USELESS NEW PATCH, sorry, uninstalling game.

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Useless patch . ctds still going on and now with a Fringe BLACK SCREEN of DEAD to desktop !!

we need to close the game  with task manager, our systems froze .

WW3 > WW3 - Win64 - Shipping.exe - Application Error

 Binaries are corrupted in this new patch !

This happened before and its BACK again for the WIN !!

IN between other new BUGS !! and horrible sound files .

PTE it's empty - useless -

I'm done  with this " EA " Alpha 3 stage - Game - ( ppl. is not going to pay anymore the  $36 .00 on this stage  ) . media poll and socioeconomic  study , ppl will pay  $19.00 .  ( if any )


Sad to inform - Uninstalling till further patch . pls. FARM 51 concentrate your efforts in this game before launching another !!!

? mmmmm ,

My Team and I as other BraNCHES,  we are Uninstalling THIS MULTIMEDIA PRODUCT .

But we keeping the PTE ?....  HA HA HA.. suckers 



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