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Fixing semi-automatic handgun firing

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I would prefer to use the handguns more if the soft cap did not exist or were reworked. Right now, I find myself clicking quite quickly, and the gun doesn't fire half the time. I can fix this by clicking at a slower rate, at about the same rate as the handguns' fire rate, but I do not wish to be limited to that. The three handguns that are offered right now have too slow a fire rate in my opinion to be useful for almost any situation. I would like to make further use of it especially now that in the PTE, suppressors can be added to them. I would like the handguns to fire like how the rifles and SMGS can be fired in semi-automatic mode.

Alternatively, I would like to see handguns that have different calibers, such as .45ACP, and .40S&W/10mm auto. I do not yet wish to see revolvers and other high-caliber pistols being used in this game even though they may be better for more offensive purposes, as a result of their higher damage output.

Edit: since the PTE update, I think this already seems to be the case.

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