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So from top to bottom in order.

M62 - Pattern version 1

M62 - Pattern version 2

M62 - Pattern version 3

M62 -  Pattern version 4

(All M62 patterns are known as "cucumber relish" pattern and they white inside so you could turn them and use them as a snow camo. I think only some reservist are using this pattern these days. When I was a conscript we used this pattern for the first 6 months. After that when I started my 3 month QRF training (it was called FRDF - Finnish Rapid Deployment Force training back in 1999) we switch to use the M91 pattern witch was pretty new back then and only officers and special/ elite groups could use them.)

M91 - Pattern version 1

M91 - Pattern version 2

M04 - Hot weathern pattern 1

M04 - Hot weathern pattern 2

M04 - Hot weathern pattern 3

M05 - Landscape pattern

M05 - Frost pattern

M05 - Snow pattern


Other thing I'd like to see is a RK-62 and RK95 TP assault rifles or RK-62M witch is a modernized version. Its pretty easy to custom, because it's AK based weapon. Here's a link to Sako rifles: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/finland-assault-rifles/valmet-sako-rk-62-76-95-eng/

Here's a RK-62M. You can actually attach a many different quad picatinny rail front handguard too.


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3 hours ago, TZoningHard said:

They are working fast to finnish stuff but they still need to polish the game.

On 2/2/2019 at 11:45 AM, tynblpb said:

It already is. Devs are from Poland.xD

Thought we had this settled already.

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