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Recon mode tests sign up!

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45 minutes ago, Ajem said:

Hi everyone,

First of all, I'm glad you guys are here and just wanted to mention that it fuels us to do the best we can. You, the community, are the reason World War 3 is growing and this time we want to give you an even more interesting way of helping us make the game you want! Soon we will be testing new game mode and we are looking for outside help, and who would be better fit than our own players? 

All we can share for now is that the tests will be conducted in February and there will be at least two rounds of testing before end of this month. Tests will take place at dates and during times most suited for us to get as much feedback as possible, so anyone who would sign up should take into account that we are an European company. And lastly, but important as well: there will be a much-loved NDA for you to agree to!

Do you want to help us? Respond to this topic and you will be taken into consideration. How people for the tests will be picked and how many of you are going to get in is our sweet little mistery :)


Always here for you guys

Love ya

Name: StatisticallyMeh

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