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PTE 0.4.3 Patch Notes

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Hey there, this time another batch of fixes, with a big one we think is finally figured out: the 0 ammo bug. Let's get to the notes!

PTE 0.4.3 Patch Notes


  • Vehicle and strike limit increased,
  • Shotgun range nerfed,
  • Tweaked HMG mag capacity,
  • Boxer and Abrams armor prices update,
  • Vehicle armor endurance increased,


  • Fixed some weapons spawning with 0 ammo when player has multiple weapon copies in different loadouts,
  • Fixed spread desync when server receives 3 or more shoot requests at once (should reduce hitreg issues),
  • Fixed splash damage on vehicle projectiles,
  • Fixed weapon firing automatically when player jumps,
  • Fixed air vehicles not colliding with ground vehicles,
  • Fixed exploding vehicles not dealing damage,
  • Fixed some impact effects getting stuck,
  • Some fixes to guided projectiles,
  • Fixed localized content stretching server browser,
  • Fixed carpet bombing,


  • Warhead stats display in customization update,
  • Server browser improvements: displaying join errors, default sorting, locked servers are shown by default,
  • Reduced damage received by Buggy upon collision,
  • Better Buggy setup for character collisions,
  • Improved player count calculation serverside, should reduce problems with server overfilling and autorotation,
  • Buggy wheel collision updated,
  • Server will now properly close when 0 players is left on them.
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