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On World War 3 and Chernobylite

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Hey there, there's a lot of buzz around The Farm 51's new announcement and we wanted to clear up some things, because there's no need to panic at all.

We understand your concerns that with a new title the work on World War 3 might slow down, but there will be no change in our development team at all, since nothing really changed internally.

World War 3 team is over 60 people now, with new members being constantly hired. We also still look for new people.

The team working on Chernobylite has been doing it for over a year, even before we announced World War 3. There were always 2 games being made, with separate teams that are funded separately and have separate managements. Each project has its own team and there's no crossover.

When the team that is now making World War 3 was assembled (from 99% new employees), work on Get Even wasn't finished either. When that team finished up Get Even, they started working on other things, and Chernobylite came out of this work.

So, again - we understand your concerns, but nothing is changing at all when it comes to World War 3 development.

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